7th Maier International Design Competition


Aesthetics in the autonomous vehicle of the year 2030 (Spaces & Interaction)

The autonomous vehicle is closer and closer to becoming a reality. Nowadays, we might say that it is already technologically possible for a vehicle to circulate without a driver.

It seems that this technology may lead to increased safety and improved circulation, as well as contributing to the implementation of new mobility concepts (vehicle as a service, shared transport, etc.), but...

What about the design? 

What will be the influence of the autonomous vehicle in vehicle design? What New Features and New Products will the autonomous vehicle bring? New aesthetics? (Materials, finish, graphic design, etc.) What about the emotional values?

The aim of the competition is to imagine and visualise new concepts for the autonomous vehicle in 2030 in terms of formal languages, features, finishes, etc. and see how they will affect the following specific environments of the vehicle, taking into account parameters such as Materials, Colour, Space, Interaction with the Environment, Use, Semantics, etc.

Body exterior front module (front grille, trims, etc.)

Body exterior upper side (B/C pillars).

Inner handle area of the door panel.

Instrument panel, interior façade. 

We seek the integration of Colour & Trim design (new aesthetics, finish, materials) and Design/Styling (new concepts, products, and functions)     


Prize for Professional Designers: Award and €8,000

Prize for Students: Award and €4,000

Prize for the Best Material Sample Book: Award and€3,000

Best University: Award


Projects must be comprised of the following 4 deliverables: Abstract, Moodboard, Vehicle Application and Material Sample Book.

After submitting your digital Abstract, Moodboard and Vehicle Application files, a Material Sample Book is required to be sent (please, see details below)

None of the deliverables must contain any element (name, initials, signature, etc.) that identifies its author or authors. Only the project/ team name will be visible.

Material Sample Book

The Material Sample Book is the deliverable that indicates how to produce the Colour & Trim lines contained in the Moodboard using actual materials. 

The presentation format must include at least 1 horizontal rigid panel sized DIN A3 with the materials proposed by the participant attached or stuck to it. These materials can be existing materials, combination of materials or prototypes of non-existent materials but they have to represent the feeling that the participant want to achieve for the project.

The Material Sample Book panel should include (anywhere) the Project Name but no names, signatures, etc...that identifies its author or authors.

The Material Sample Book should be sent by courier, cash on delivery, in the following manner:

For deliveries from within Spain, use the MRW courier. 

Participants should tell the courier company that the delivery charges will be payable by account holder 600038 (Maier Technology Centre S. Coop). 

For deliveries from outside Spain, use the DHL courier. 

Participants should tell the courier company that the delivery charges will be payable by account holder 960247116 (Maier Technology Centre S. Coop). 

Deliveries must be addressed as follows: 

Maier Technology Centre S. Coop. 

Polígono Industrial Arabieta s/n

48320 Ajangiz (Bizkaia)


To the attention of Ibon Miranda 

Once the Competition Organising Committee receives the delivery, an email will be sent confirming the participation.

No prize alternatives or cash equivalents are offered 

Prizes are non-transferable

The winner is solely responsible for all applicable taxes, excluding airfare taxes, related to the acceptance of the prize  


Any natural person or legal entity may present their candidacy, as an individual or as a group.

Participants certify and guarantee that projects are original and have not been presented to any other competition or any other forum, neither verbally nor in writing. See the Competition Rules for more information. 

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