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Q. Could you explain about you?    

“Anonyme” is a french studio of architecture based in Paris. Convinced that there is no program, budget or name to produce architecture, Jean FRIZZI and Noureddine SOUILAH- EDIB opens "anonyme" in 2013 and responds to any public order. Laboratory, school, parking, social housing, everything is an excuse to question a program, innovate in the architectural approach. It is not a matter of simply building but of making architecture, as a factor of cultural and social elevation. Its architecture is as many bridges between function, structure, art, seduction and biodiversity.






Q. Congratulations to the Asia Design Prize 2018. I would like to introduce your your work description.    

Usually, in this type of project, the ramp and the parking area are dissociated. We decided to merge them in order to result in a continuous, fluid moving space that will be expressed in its structural layout. The geometric characteristics of the space will lead to a circular shape in which the ramp's rotational movement will be inscribed. The circular plan will then transform to adopt the trapezoidal shape of the plot through the use of molded walls. The revolutionary character of the ramp is expressed in the layout of posts situated in the hollowed central core.






There, the floor opens up and create visual connections. The shape of the car park becomes visible from every direction and is seen as a unit. The beam effect girdering highlighted by neon lights, establishes a regular rhythm. The beam effect is accentuated by the layout of the car spaces. This rhythmic effects, only punctuated by supple coloured shapes guides the path through the car park. The concrete walls and the concrete elements bring out the unique spatiality of the car park. All these elements obey to the same revolutionary movement that structures the space.





Q. How did you get inspired in this award?    

By participate in this awards we were ensuring the exposure of our ideas we develop in this project.


Q. When you design with team or personally, what do you think are the most important elements and capabilities in design?    

For us, the most important elements and capabilities in design or architecture is:
Analysing the expectations of the client. 
Carefully listening to everyone's ideas. 
Taking the time to reflect upon the ideas and make them evolve






Q. What if you have memorable works besides your winning works?    

This CarPark is the first realization of our office


Q. I am curious about the special design process of yourself.    

The conceptual process is based on the analysis of the context. This approach has not been easy to follow with an underground project.





Q. What if you have the most inspired design books or mentors?    

Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida de Niemeyer Soares.


Q. What do you want to achieve one’s goal in your life as a designer?    

Build a tower



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