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EASY ANGLE is a ruler with length scale as well as angle scale. We can use it to measure and draw a line with one side, and we also can use it to measure and draw an angle with another side. The angle scale starts from point of 10 cm, thus, we can draw a line directly and then draw another line with angle. EASY ANGLE with 5°as smallest angle which meets general drawing requirement.



Designer : Wei Taiming









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    웰빙 너머의 웰빙

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    미래의 IOT와 개인정보의 보안

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    도심 속 빌딩에서 농사짓기 

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    디자인으로 보는 공유의 시대

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    대중문화 속 디자인의 위치

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    실험실 스테이크 맛보기

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    섹슈얼리티 디자인

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    퓨처리즘은 돌아오는가?

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    쓰레기가 자원이다

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    가상현실은 유토피아인가? 디스토피아인가?

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    지구를 위한 디자인? 화성을 위한 디자인!

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    인공지능의 시대, 디자인이 가야 할 길은 어디에?

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    BETTER MONDAY 아시아 디자인 프라이즈 브론즈 수상

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    AOE 아시아 디자인 프라이즈 브론즈 수상

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