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Q. Could you explain about you?    

Josh Owen is a designer and professor of Industrial Design at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. His work ha s been featured at the Venice Biennale and is in the permanent design collections of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Chicago Athenae um, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montreal, National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Taiwan D esign Museum, among others. Significant manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe produce his home/design, furniture, and office produ cts, which are regularly featured in design books, periodicals and in critical design discourse. Owen’s “Build” and “Meta” design acade mic projects have successfully pioneered integrated practice pedagogy for the field of Industrial Design.






Q. Congratulations to the Asia Design Prize 2018. I would like to introduce your your work description.  

Inspired by industrial components, Torq is the first 3D printed object commissioned by OTHR that explores the mechanical potential of 3D printed output. Turning the business of nut cracking into a precise as well as a fun activity, this product finds its place in the he art of the home. The cylindrical body fits comfortably in hand and provides control over a challenging task. The grooves become the dominant force in the product, as well as the refined visual detail that suggests the intuitive motion it employs. Torq Nutcracker push es the limits of 3D printing technology, by reducing material thicknesses to a bare minimum, achieving a surprising lightness while re maining remarkably strong. Manufactured in two easy-to-assemble parts, it is currently available in a matte black, numbered edition. Winner of Chicago Good Design Award. Designed for OTHR.





Q. How did you get inspired in this award?    

I was inspired to apply for this award because I thought that it might be useful to share my work with an Asian audience.






Q. When you design with team or personally, what do you think are the most important elements and capabilities in design?    

Communication is always at the center of good design work. Person-to-person, digitally-mediated, and the communication that exists between people and their tools.





Q. What if you have memorable works besides your winning works?    

I am equally proud of all of my projects but perhaps most proud of the many students who I have helped to be better designers.





Q. I am curious about the special design process of yourself.    

I spend a long time on my projects and do not take on more than I can handle. This allows for me to do less things but all at a very high level. I take care to make things that are part of a serious dialogue.





Q. What if you have the most inspired design books or mentors?    

I have had many mentors and remain in touch with many of them from my earliest years of professional experience. Strong, continually maintained relationships are the cornerstones to most of our personal and professional achievements.


Q. What do you want to achieve one’s goal in your life as a designer?    

I would like to be able to say that everything I've worked on has contributed to a dialogue moving collective culture forward.







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