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Q. Could you explain about you?    

Graduating from the Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies at the University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering in 2015. He has been engaged in artistic activities and product design that utilize physical properties and technology, while also working as a Technology Researcher in Japan. He is exploring the distance and relationship between nature and technology in product design and artwork, as well as the ideal way to merge the two.





Q. Congratulations to the Asia Design Prize 2018. I would like to introduce your work description.    

Is light just for illumination? I want light to be something that provides warmth and serenity for the space people live in, which is why I am redefining and pursuing new experiences light can give us. AWA is a brand new light fixture that came about as a part of these endeavors. It keeps the internal pressure of the airtight glass in equilibrium through a small medical pump and a pressure control mechanism, creating an infinite number of bubbles. Inside the glass, the bubble cells repeat an endless cycle of inflation and collapse. The coexistence of the glass and bubbles with their opposite properties, the equilibrium of the bubble cells, and the harmony between light and shadow, all produce a poetic experience.





Q. How did you get inspired in this award?  

This work was designed to harmonize opposite elements, such as glass and bubbles, the equilibrium between internal and external air pressure, and light and shadow, by optimizing the relationship of mutual influence between them. The result was a poetic experience which has never been seen before. In much the same way, an attitude of designing things to be in harmony and work together, and the pursuit of new ways to do so, has lead to revolutionary products as output in fields such as engineering, sociology, and biology. AWA can inspire us to rethink the possibilities of a “co-” oriented design attitude, and the optimal system for conducting society at large.





Q. When you design with team or personally, what do you think are the most important elements and capabilities in design?    

We create our designs with an emphasis on the concepts of contradiction, harmony and time. Sometimes, the combination of two seemingly unrelated phenomena can give rise to new harmony and a new story. In addition, we believe in the importance of looking at projects across a highly-scaled time axis, examining questions such as whether the work will still be around in 100 years rather than being a transitory effort. We feel that retaining one's curiosity is of the utmost importance.





Q. What if you have memorable works besides your winning works?    

Lumir K : Cooking Oil Powered LED Lamp.


Q. I am curious about the special design process of yourself.    

We photograph and sketch objects we see in everyday life that inspire us and file them in the drawers in our minds. When we design something, broadly speaking, we pull out several such elements from these drawers and merge them into a simulation. One process of particular importance is bringing our concepts into a state where they can be defined in words. We believe it is important to continuously refine a design until the concept can be conveyed easily in any language.





Q. What if you have the most inspired design books or mentors?    

Books:Speculative Everything by Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby
Respected designer:Kohei Nawa, Neri Oxman


Q. What do you want to achieve one’s goal in your life as a designer?    

We work to integrate objects fully into their environments to create emotional and riveting experiences. More than just designing objects, we aim to awaken revolutions in personal behavior and culture.







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