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IFA International Finsa Award

The International Finsa Award for Students of Architecture & Design aims to encourage and challenge students to explore and redesign the use of wood and other ecological and recyclable materials in construction. We believe that the future in construction should continue developing this way and know it is possible to achieve. The award considers the work of both teachers and students, all of whom will be acknowledged and awarded.


Students and teachers will have the task of building a school. We want the school to be a temporary building with the goal of being able to quickly install the building after any unfavorable situation to help prevent interruptions to learning. The school should have a capacity for 25 pupils. We believe learning is essential for future development and the world should continue providing better resources to those in need.


The judges are five international architects, with huge influence in their country:

SIMON ALLFORD - Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

PEDRO FEDUCHI - Pedro Feduchi Architects

BERTA WILLISCH - Avery Hall Investments


XAVIER CODINA - Architecture sans Frontières

cash prize award: $ 10,400.00 USD