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The contest goal is to explore the relationship between design and tools usability, emerging technologies and functionality, starting from applying innovative approaches, systems or control interfaces, to exploring and redesigning the whole “gelato experience”. Both from operator and customer sides.


January 23th 2017, 4:30 pm - Contest launch c/o Sigep - Sala Tiglio 1, Rimini

April 30th 2017, 11:59 pm - Deadline for project submittal at

May 12th 2017 - Judging of proposals

May 22th, 2017 - Publication of winners

June 9rd 2017 - Prize giving 


Tools and Packaging: Design or redesign tools, objects, accessories, packaging, etc. in order to improve the functionality, the food preparing and/or the fruition experience from the service and/or customer standpoint.

Interior & Interaction: Design or redesign of environments, furnishing elements, workstations, electronic devices/applications, digital devices, etc. that could improve the food preparation and/or fruition experience from the service and/or customer standpoint

Food Design: Design or redesign effective solutions for food fruibility, new formats, storage elements, preservation and transportation, new materials, communication, etc. that could improve the food preparation and/or fruition experience from the service and/or customer standpoint.

Note: All projects must show a detailed attention to process and product sustainability, with specific consideration to production costs, promoting and presenting gelato as a high quality and healthy food choice while analyzing environment and consumer “experience”: sociological, anthropological, economic, cultural and sensorial, defining not only production technologies variations but also marketing and communication that aim to defend and promote local products.


The projects selected by the prestigious jury, will allow candidates access to the following prizes:

WINNER: 1.500 €

2° PLACE: 1.000 €

3° PLACE: 500 €

Other than: 

Publication of their projects on DESITA and Partners media channels. 

The possibility to see their projects actualized. 

International visibility by: media channels, magazines, social networks. 

DESITA AWARD aims are: 

Supporting young designers and innovators in their process of growth and technical expertise in building collaborative relationships and learning both individually and collectively;

Providing designers and innovators an opportunity for visibility to expand within an international market.

Translating their ideas into marketable prototypes;