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[20 APR] Wienerberger Brick Award

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Wienerberger Brick Award 

How to participate in the award

For the Brick Award 2018 architects, international architecture critics and journalists can submit projects. The submission for your outstanding brick architecture can be done online via a straight forward and easy to handle submission tool.

The Wave Residences, Henning Larsen Architects © Thomas Mÿlvig

The Wave Residences, Henning Larsen Architects © Thomas Mÿlvig

Participants are asked to fill out an online template comprising of basic project data, a short informative text describing the project, as well as to upload pictures and plans of the building.  


Award categories & criteria

Categories for nomination:

Feeling at home: single-family houses, semi-detached houses and small housing projects of high architectural quality that provide comfortable, healthy & sustainable living spaces

Living together: multi-family houses: innovative residential solutions taking into account the trends & challenges of urbanisation such as scarcity of space, social challenges and new living concepts

Working together: comfortable, aesthetic and functional commercial buildings, offices and industrial buildings

Sharing public spaces: comfortable, aesthetic and functional public buildings for education, culture & healthcare, public places and infrastructure projects

Building outside the box: innovative concepts and ways of using brick, use of new construction technologies, special brickworks, custom-made bricks & new ornamentation



A significant part of the project must consist of clay building materials(clay blocks, facing bricks, clay pavers, clay roof tiles, clay façade panels etc.)

One of the nomination categories must apply to the project

The project was completed in 2014 or later

The project can comprise newly constructed, refurbished and converted buildings

The project can include new and reused bricks

Special attention will be directed to how the project combines functionality, sustainability and energy efficiency

The use of Wienerberger products is not a relevant factor for participation

Current & upcoming awards

The submission period for the Wienerberger Brick Award 2018 is open from January 2nd to April 20th 2017. You can enter the submission directly here.(

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Sala Ayutthaya, Onion © Wison Tungthunya

Sala Ayutthaya, Onion © Wison Tungthunya

Find out who won the Brick Award 2016 under winners 16 and view their award videos. The winners were chosen by our international jury and were officially presented at the award ceremony on the 19th of May 2016, as well as on our social media channels Facebook and Twitter.