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Q. Could you explain about you and your design company?
IDEAS PEOPLE is a creative agency from Singapore since 2004. We are a strong believer in “Creating brand visual that gets you inspired!”. We have been working with many great brands from different countries such as Toshiba, Essilor, Bridgestone, Nikon, Bank of China etc. We pursue our belief and Philosophy by value our people, believe in the company and solving clients’ problem. We are a bunch of fun-loving creatives and if you look close enough, there is always an element of fun in the work that we do.






Q. Congratulations to the K-Design Award 2017. I would like to present your testimonials and your work description.
Thank you and we are honored to be one of the communication winner in the K-Design Award 2017. We created a packaging for Vivalicious, which owns a large range of Lifestyle products in Singapore. Designed with a clear brand concept that blends with their collections, we split the packaging into their respective brand - SPACE & EPICURE. A minimalist direction - effectively evoke this selected mood and color, while conveying the style & quality of the product. The contemporary and clean look made pleasant to the eyes with a fun and sometimes-unexpected surprise. There are details added to the packaging that contribute to the sensory unboxing experience “Isn’t it great to be Alive!” on the inner flap, allow consumer to appreciate that life is beautiful!








Q. How did you get inspired in this award?
We need to understand client’s needs and find a desirable solutions for them through logical needs and creative ways that evokes end-users’ emotion on wanting to own the product. "We need to get imaginative, intuition, and explore possibilities of what could be in a creative way."








Q. What if you have memorable works besides your winning works?
“Innovation leads to a Better Earth” - K-Design 2016 Award Winner. This calendar was created base on our client’s vision - Eco-friendly and responsible to our Earth with Toshiba e-Studio products and core features of producing vibrant colors prints from their multi-function printers. The overall design uses energetic color tone with infographic to give a rich and dynamic approach. In 2017, the calendar design was also nominated for the German Design Award 2018. Another 2 of our projects were been awarded by International Design Award for Bronze and Honorable Mention under the Graphic Design category.






Q. What if you have the most inspired design books or mentors?
“The Design of Everyday Things” by Donald A. Norman, who is one of the world’s most influential designer. Donald A. Norman wrote the book for many reasons. The initial thought was the frustration that he encountered with ‘everyday things’. His inability to operate simple things was frustrating, and after feeling flustered and confused at that inability, he realized that much of the problem was due to poorly designed interface. Donald A. Norman said “Remember, tools not only control WHAT we do, but HOW we do it and the way we VIEW ourselves, society and the world! Our design can change a task, a society, and the world."






Q. What do you want to achieve one’s goal in your life as a designer?
Hoping more designers will come together and share creative ideas and make the world more visually appealing and beautiful. I believe every designer should stand firm on their creative ideas and make a bold statement without fear of rejection from all clients.




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