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This is the most famous design award in Korea with K-Design Award. 1,359 works were received from 35 countries around the world including USA, China, Japan and Singapore, and 10% of them were selected as winners. This award breaks away from formative simplicity and complexity and grants true value on the potentials of creativity into products as well as outstanding ideas which are specified with outstanding design. With this aim in mind, we are anticipating different works, which consist of the best idea sandare created by designers, companies, design organizations, and design studios, that are constructed into exceptional forms of design. 26 judges from 5 countries participated. Professor Shingo Ando of Kyoto Art University and Professor Yoshimaru Takahashi of Osaka University of Art and Design have added to their credibility.




Grand Prize​ - BREATHRE

KOREA. Nexen Tire Corp - Seungil Choi, Jongsoo Park, Taesu Moon


The disaster caused by air pollution is large, it becomes the worst obstacle, and it is predicted that it will hinder future development. We challenge to solve it practicably through the BREATHRE tire. We want to solve the problem of air pollution with new concept tires equipped with air purifying function. This is the principle of inhaling polluted air and venting fresh air. It will help clean up air pollution like soot, yellow dust, fine dust. The LED sensor measures the air pollution and recognize the degree of pollution according to changes in color. And the contaminants separated filter out the impurities by the filter in the interior.




Gold Winner - Tea Ceremony Room - open weave

JAPAN. Hashiguchi Architect & Associates - Shinichiro Hashiguchi


When visiting art and historical museums we notice increasing appearance of traditional crafts that are difficult to reproduce now days. This situation is indicative of a slow disappearance of traditional sense and craft. This is happening all over the world. This tea ceremony room is a space created with twisted threads set up in many directions in a “two tatami-matt” stainless steel frame. It expresses everyday craftwork seen at a weaving factory and the high quality techniques that have been developed through time. This tearoom is aiming to convey the importance and preciousness of delicate handmade craftsmanship.




Gold Winner​ - MiCareo Brand Design

TAIWAN. Process Group - Xinhong Yeh, Eting Liao, Jayden Cheng


MiCareo is a medical precision device manufacturing company, providing innovative tools for the analysis of rare cells.Furthermore, the letter “o” in the logo of MiCareo is presented in the shape of water drop as the supporting graphic to establish the brand consistency. With a contextual branding principle, the eye-catching purple and the shape of water drop can be randomly permutated and combined for more design applications, and a dynamic identity can be further developed to increase the richness of the brand and create the special presence in the market.




Silver Winner - House in Nakagawa

JAPAN. Mori Architect Office - YUTAKA MORI


This house is an attempt to create a new landscape by rebuilding the relationship of life with the rice field left in surroundings. The interior is open toward the scenery while maintaining the privacy. The interior covered by glass is secured by outer shell and the courtyard and terrace becomes a buffer to welcome the natural light and breeze. The breeze delivers the scent of rice plants glow in seasons so as the sense of nature. Terrace is designed at the same height as the plant. When the louver at terrace is open, the infinity appears toward the ricefield. This house provides the value to live in original landscape of the Beautiful Japan.




Silver Winner - Animal Ringer for Children patient's



Animal ringer is an animal-shaped ringer package designed for pediatric patients. This product turns the fluids and needles that sick children have to bear with every day in a hospital's intimidating environment into a friendly and affectionate fashion. The animal motif (bears, penguins, and baby chicks) makes the product fun and approachable. Additionally, medical care providers can conveniently recognize this family of products with just their unique color and shape. The intimate design of the animal ringers embodies the sympathetic wishes of children patients' fast recovery. ​




Silver Winner - EASY ANGLE

CHINA. Xiamen Ganwoo Technology - Wei Taiming


EASY ANGLE is a ruler with length scale as well as angle scale. We can use it to measure and draw a line with one side, and we also can use it to measure and draw an angle with another side. The angle scale starts from point of 10 cm, thus, we can draw a line directly and then draw another line with angle. EASY ANGLE with 5°as smallest angle which meets general drawing requirement.




Bronze Winner - AOE-Sunac Chongqing one central mansion sales office

CHINA. AOE - Larry Wen,Yibo Wang,Chao Xie


The strategy we adopted is to add another layer of removable green skin, the metal mesh, outside the building for sustainable and imagery purpose. This layer of skin creates an unique facade of the sales office which is conveyed by the core concept of Chinese architecture from the artistic conception of the expression. The use of metal fabric as the secondary skin forms a sustainable curtain to protect the building from direct sunlight for energy saving. Also the internal and external space are linked visually and spatially in an elegant transition.




Bronze Winner​ - healthy tea & caramel



More than thousands of years, an oriental medicine has been positioned as an important medical methods. Unlike an amazing effects on humans that it has, modern people often thought it as only for senior or it is too old methods to use. We make this design to reinterpret the amazing effect of it as a modern design for not only seniors but also modern people. we make tea & caramel using different types of oriental medical ingredients related to the body symptoms that modern people often feel like stress, throat ache, stomach ache and fatigue recovery. and make them easy to take whenever they feel those symptoms.




Bronze Winner - RESCUE BAR

KOREA. creative PERS - Shin Hongwoo, Kwon Yeongbin, Park Sungwon


For a large ship, the exits comes to face the ceiling as the hull gets inclined in the case of an ocean accident. In this case, passengers cannot escape through the exits, so larger human life damage happens. RESCUE BAR shows that a rolled ladder embedded in the exit wall during operation drops toward the persons who could not escape as the cover opens automatically if the ship inclines more than a certain angle as the horizon detection sensor detects the slope of the ship. And the product has a lighting function as an emergency device to let passengers escape quickly in a darkened space.




Bronze Winner - REVOLVE
ITALY Andrea Mocellin - Andrea Mocellin


Large wheels are required in all man powered transportation for performance and efficiency. Revolve has been invented and designed with the aim to open new frontiers for the present and future of foldable vehicles. Revolve occupies up to 60% less space when folded and it allows the user to easily store it at home, in a backpack, in a trunk or even in the overhead baggage hold on an airplane. It is compatible with most bicycles and wheelchair designs as well as every mode of transportation using large bicycle wheels. With a simple action you can open and close the wheel making it practical and convenient for every user.




Bronze Winner - Grinding Drain
KOREA. Keimyung University - KimNaeun


Drain is necessary for separating hair and foreign bodies. However, people are reluctant to clean the dirty drain and sitting down to clean it can hurt their legs, waist, and shoulders. This drain solved these problems. It is closed so that the drain hole does not smell like a drain before you use it. When you use the water, recognize the water and open it. After using the water, dry the floor tiles to avoid mold and dry the drain so that the foreign bodies on the drain are easily grinding. Then It closes and the debris can be easily cleaned by grinding it well. This will keep the user comfortable and free from having to clean the foul drain.







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